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i'm joanna.

a hamburg city girl by choice, now living in a small house by the sea,

watching waves and drinking coffee.
and i love what i do - traveling as a flight attendant, creating and taking pictures whenever possible always with the intention of reflecting not only what I see but what i feel.

in a previous life, i worked in the fashion industry (it's been aaages) and during college in coffee shops.
well, that's probably where my passion for coffee and fashion comes from.
this shop exists for a year now and the idea to create my label
came from my favorite word "meerweh".

it's german and means something like

"to be homesick for the sea".

that's what i constantly am while traveling & sooo it came to the name

the clothes you'll find here are sustainable, individual and made out of the softest organic cotton ever, which definitely last more than one season.
i think that's what turns your clothes to a favorite piece of fabric - it doesn't look like a sad worn-out piece of fabric after just a few rounds in the washing machine.
isn't that a good environmentally friendly thing?
all clothes are embroidered and labeled with love in hamburg and can be worn: everywhere.
that's exactly what i need while packing my luggage for traveling.


my guilty pleasure

croissants and peanut butter. and coffee for sure - who would have thought it?
oh, and an italian limonata, which i unfortunately rarely get where i live now.

a place i dream of
i'm in awe of light&shadow plays - so if you see some nice places where the sun plays with the shadow,
think of me and invite me - please! especially when it's at the seaside.

where you'll find me
somewhere above the clouds or at the sea, behind the camera or in the waves.

favourite morning routine

switching on the vinyl player, preparing some lemon tea, airing the room and moving my body,

taking the first sip of coffee from one of my favourite cups, no talking.

licorice, fussili & thick milk foam in my coffee. (
you had one job!)

alright, finish your coffee, leave some love and get some waves now!
i am looking forward to hear from you.


(this is how my granny called me back in the days)

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